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Export information

FTA-related support organizations

Department name Hosting organization Contents Remarks
Ministry of Strategy and FinanceFTA
Countermeasure Headquarters
◦ Provision of comprehensive information related to FTA
- Operation of 'FTA comprehensive support portal'
FTA utilization
support center
◦ Consulting on utilization support, briefing sessions, training and holding seminars/conferences, etc. ▪
Customs ServiceCustoms Service
(Headquarter Customs)
◦ FTA portal operation
- Free Trade Agreement open information
◦ FTA business model, country of origin certified exporter, country of origin verification, FTA utilization support company consulting (400,000 to 3 million won per company)
◦ Education related to the country of origin and holding briefing sessions, etc.
◦ Country of origin management system operation (FTA-PASS)

Korea Institute of
Origin Information
◦ FTA utilization support consulting, training for people in charge of the country of origin management (FTA-PASS user training) ▪
Ministry of Knowledge Economy한국
Korea International Trade Association
◦ Operation of the FTA Trade Comprehensive Support Center
- Comprehensive information support for FTA utilization
◦ On-site consulting support on FTA utilization (OK FTA)
- Including education and resolving difficulties
◦ Operation of the country of origin management system (FTA KOREA)

KOTRA◦ Fostering Korea-US FTA leading export companies ▪
Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry ◦ Issuance of certificate of origin
◦ Education related to certificate of origin, holding briefing sessions, etc.
Small and Medium Business AdministrationSmall and Medium Business Administration ◦ FTA utilization training and consulting support
◦ Support linkage between the company's ERP and the country of origin management system
- Regional Office (Export Support Center)
Small and Medium
Business Corporation
◦ FTA doctor consulting business (jointly conducted with Korea Institute of Origin Information)
◦ Holding FTA briefing sessions and meetings
Ministry of Agriculture and FoodaT ◦ Provision of FTA related information
- FTA General Support Center menu opening and online consultation (customs broker)
◦ Develop and spread a standard model related to the FTA's autonomous certification of origin (7 items)
◦ FTA utilization consulting support