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Export brand

Background of implementation

-Because there is no joint brand for paprika exported from the Changwon Agricultural Products Export Logistics Center, a unique brand of the logistic center was needed to secure the image of excellent products to consumers in importing countries.
-It was created to improve reliability, promote exports, and differentiate paprika from other regions by promoting the excellence of quality and safety of paprika exported through the Changwon Agricultural Products Export Logistics Center to domestic and overseas.

Brand description

  • - A choice for the health and happiness of my family-beneficial paprika
  • - It is a compound word of beneficial + Paprika, which is a positive meaning Japanese that expresses paprika that is good for the body.
  • - IROKA color and scent: It is a name that is advantageous for communication in the Japanese market because it contains the Japanese meaning of color, scent, and beautiful appearance of a woman.
  • - The Changwon Agricultural Products Export Logistics Center's export products mean that only products that are good for the body are distributed.

Brand description

IL PRIMO brand mark is meant to think only the superior quality of agricultural products produced in Gyeongnam, and the number motif of 1 is applied to the English "I" to express it ambiguously. It symbolizes high-quality agricultural products by metaphorically expressing stars as a motif of leaves.

Brand description

As IRRORO is a leader in Korea's outstanding agricultural product support company, it symbolizes pure and clean agricultural products like fresh morning dew, grown in a clean area in Gyeongnam.
It is a proud brand name for agricultural products produced by eco-friendly farming methods in Gyeongnam, a naturally blessed land with clean, non-polluting soil, optimal crop growth climate, and clear sea breezes adjacent to the clean sea.
The safety of agricultural products is fundamental, and the principle is to produce the finest luxury products after strict screening for sugar content, shape, and color.