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Operation of the export logistics center

Consigned operation of Changwon Agricultural Products Export Logistics Center

- Established to strengthen international competitiveness through the establishment of an integrated system for agricultural products pre-cooling, sorting, packaging, and storing.
- Opening date: 2004. 11. 12
- Facility equipment: pre-cooling storage, loading/unloading workshop, sorting machine, logistics equipment, etc.
- Sorting items: Paprika / 1,886 tons per year

Consigned operation of Gyeongsangnam-do live fishery products export logistics base center

- Export-dedicated logistics center capable of one-stop processing such as quarantine, customs clearance, storage, and transportation to expand the export of live fish using special containers for marine transportation for live fish
- Improvement of logistics systems such as reduction of export logistics cost of live fishery products and export quarantine support
- Facility scale: 1,648.30㎡ (2 floors above ground)
- Opening date: 2021.11.5
- Location: 136, Sinhang 9-ro, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si