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Luxury brand fostering business

Gyeongnam Trading Co., Ltd. is an export-specialized company that strives to increase the income of residents and revitalize the local economy through the development of domestic and overseas markets for agricultural, livestock, fishery products, and SMEs' products in Gyeongnam Province. And we are in charge of managing the entire process including production, sorting, packaging, distribution, and sales to guarantee the perfect quality of the Gyeongnam agricultural product luxury brand IRRORO.

As IRRORO is a leader in Korea's outstanding agricultural product support company, it symbolizes pure and clean agricultural products like fresh morning dew, grown in a clean area in Gyeongnam.
It is a proud brand name for agricultural products produced by eco-friendly farming methods in Gyeongnam, a naturally blessed land with clean, non-polluting soil, optimal crop growth climate, and clear sea breezes adjacent to the clean sea.
The safety of agricultural products is fundamental, and the principle is to produce the finest luxury products after strict screening for sugar content, shape, and color.