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What we do

Purpose of establishment

Gyeongnam Trading Co., Ltd., the first private-public joint venture third-sector-type enterprise in Korea, was established in Gyeongsangnam-do to build an active response to the changes in the international trade environment in the era of globalization and openness.

Gyeongnam Trade Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to the income increase of the residents of the province through the trade agency of agricultural and fishery products and industrial products and pioneering the domestic market.

What we do

  • • Export and domestic distribution of agricultural and fishery products
  • • Overseas marketing business
  • -Overseas promotion exhibition, export consultation, exhibition-fair
  • -Overseas agri-food antenna shop operation
  • • Export capability enhancement project
  • -SME overseas certification support
  • -Interpretation and translation support for SMEs
  • • Hosting of Gyeongnam Specialty Products Fair
  • • Consigned operation of agricultural and fishery products export logistics center
  • -Operation of Changwon Agricultural Products Export Logistics Center
  • -Operation of Gyeongsangnam-do live fishery products export logistics base center
  • • Gyeongsangnam-do agricultural product luxury brand “IRRORO” fostering project
  • • Consigned operation of Gyeongsangnam-do cyber shopping mall 『e-Gyeongnam Mall』